sabato 10 dicembre 2011

My paper about Inglourious Basterds presented at the "Staging Illusion" Conference

Staging Illusion: Digital and cultural fantasy conference 2011

From magicians and mediums to immersive media, and from the circus to cyborgs, the celebration and/or mistrust of illusion has been a central theme across a range of cultures. Notions of fakery and deception remind us that our identities that are performative. The figure of the ‘mark’ of the fairground scam remains culturally ubiquitous, perhaps more so than ever, in an era of (post) mechanical reproduction. Is new technology a flight from the real or merely a continuation of older cultural forms? Is it necessary, or even possible, to define reality in relation to the illusory? What realms of ‘otherness’ remain to be embraced?

My paper, entitled "Bringing down the Third Reich: Desires and Illusions in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds", analyses Quentin Tarantino's movie as one of the most finest examples of cinema as magic box, in which everything can happen, even the reinvention of the history.

Link to the Conference site: Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

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