venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

"Living the Cinematic Experience" at XIV International Film Conference

La mia ricerca "Living the Cinematic Experience: Towards a Definition of Inspirational Movies" è stata accettata per partecipare a "The Cinema of Sensations", XIV International Film and Media Studies Conference, che si svolgerà dal 25 al 27 maggio 2012 in Transylvania, presso la Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca.

Per consultare la pagina ufficiale della Conferenza: The Cinema of Sensations.

Ever since its beginnings, cinema has always had a profound experiential quality: images not only move, but they move our senses. Whenever we go to the movies we not only "see" the film, and the world of the screen not only "communicates" a message to us: we get to be immersed in a unique environment that engages our senses and our minds on different levels of consciousness and perception. However, in the past decades we could witness an incredible multiplication of the technologies through which moving images can be produced, distributed or received.

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