mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Film and Media 2012: The second annual London film and media conference

Il mio articolo The Ethical Battles of New Italian Cinema: ‘Mobbing’ Victims and Dehumanised Executioners in the Glocal Society è stato selezionato per partecipare alla Conferenza London Film and Media 2012, tra il 22 e il 24 giugno 2012.

Film and Media 2012 will again run concurrently with our sister event, Londoncity 2012: The Second Annual London Studies Conference - and with our new event, Understanding Britain 2012: The First Annual British Studies Conference.
The overall event, comprising the three linked conferences, will be known, for the sake of simplicity, as The London Symposium 2012.

Per consultare il sito della Conferenza: London Film and Media 2012.

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